About us

Fashward we are women like you, who love fashion and what makes them feel, who express themselves daily through their clothes, who need their profession or inspiration to keep their image and style, who seek to differentiate themselves every day, who are Tired of having a full wardrobe and nothing to wear, they waste time they don't have in finding quality clothes at a good price, they suffer by throwing out clothes that they have barely put on.

At Fashward we conceive of a modern woman empowered in her work with statement garments, freed from a stuffy wardrobe, who travels with her clothes on and dares to express herself through garments that she never thought to buy before. Because now, he no longer buys, he rents.

Our name, Fashward, hides our mission, who we are: Fashion Forward. Not only because we love fashion, but because we are committed to innovating in the industry, and contributing our grain of sand to make it more sustainable and responsible with our planet.

All starts require adjustments. We ask for your patience with us and with you. Because it is a change of way of life. But we are sure that tomorrow, you will not want to look back. Join us!